The goddess earth mother you always wished you had,...Mama Sailene, the nurturing and cheery feminist cannabis guru of Southern California really specializes in making sure everyone else is having a wonderful time — and always has enough weed.


There are few signs of success as impressive as the ability to be recognized merely by your first name. As evidence, look no further than Sailene, who’s been a folk hero in Venice, CA, and, as the cannabis world matures, to its emerging culture.

As queen of Abbot Kinney since the mid-90s, when she managed Abbot’s Habit, the legendary hub of the local community, she was a public figure with a secret life. In addition to the coffee shop, for those in the know, she ran the equally legendary (no-name) delivery service, which kept the locals supplied with their favorite herb.

As legalization and normalization progressed, Sailene emerged out of the green closest as one of cannabis’ most trusted advocates. Never losing sight of her sense of mission and love for the plant, she branched out in a variety of ventures. The web series, Smoke in the Kitchen with Mama Sailene, introduced her love of food, cannabis, and entertaining to an international audience. Her upscale pop-up events and private parties for the likes of P. Diddy, proved that cannabis-enhanced social gatherings could be as elegant as they were fun. Her support of charitable and political organizations such as the Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force, California Cannabis Advocates, Mexican and Northern California Disaster Relief has made her a fixture at community meetings and demonstrations. And her work with the exploding Glowing Goddess Getaways, a series of women’s empowerment retreats, has become the coveted golden ticket in cannabis circles.

Throughout her career, reflecting the reverence for the plant that she so loves, she has operated with integrity, grace, gratitude, and humor. Which perhaps explains why there is only one Sailene, and why sometimes, one word is really all you need to say.


In The Press


Sailene Ossman has dedicated her life to the cannabis movement. She is the co-founder of Privée Social Club, an exclusive club that curates high-quality cannabis products and presents them in monthly subscription boxes and at upscale events. Her newest collaborative project is The Glowing Goddess Getaway: “an overnight retreat for women focusing on ways to use cannabis as a creative and spiritual tool.
— Burn TV
There’s not just a need for events like this in cannabis, but a need for events like this everywhere. We’re creating a movement of sisterhood and connection, and it strengthens and empowers each woman participating, as well as the community that surrounds her.
— Well + Good



Glowing Goddess Getaways

A viral sensation mainstream and social media cannot get enough of, Glowing Goddess Getaways, of which Sailene is a co-founder, is a series of weekend celebrations of women’s empowerment, community, and cannabis. Held in a variety of beautiful natural settings, these expertly curated retreats are inclusive, inspiring, and transformative. With an upcoming series of events slated for 2018, perhaps the only two questions you need to ask are first, “Where do I sign up?” and, second, “When do we leave?”